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Speeches, presentations, and interviews are all forms of performance.

No matter what you're preparing for, it is essential to be authentic, leverage your strengths, and address what may hold you back. I am committed to making sure that you have everything you need to be confident and achieve success.

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Executive Coach | Media Consultant 


Storytelling has driven my career from the start. After graduating in theatre from Northwestern University, I spent ten years in Chicago directing plays about social justice and then returned to New York, my home state, to pursue my M.F.A. I've had the honor of writing and directing for celebrated Broadway performers on their solo shows across the country, as well as directing and producing work for many great young playwrights. I've produced for live events, nonfiction television, digital, and streaming media. All of that has directly influenced what I do now: coach executives and develop brand stories and strategy with media startups and their leaders. 

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My extensive work as an executive in creative direction, digital media, and broadcast production, in addition to my background as a theatre artist and acting coach, has been invaluable as I guide executives in media on how best to represent their companies to both investors and consumers. I can help you tell your story better.

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