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Is there any more satisfying phrase in an actor’s vocabulary than I got the part!

It represents more than a momentary accomplishment, it’s the opportunity to put your heart and talent into a project and connect with an audience. And it’s what great careers are made of.

But auditions are hard.

Preparation is key.


I help actors prepare for auditions when the stakes are high and time is limited. The time to prepare is now. Let’s get to work so you can say, I got the part.

coach on call

Let’s face it, the life of an actor does not follow a 9-5 schedule and some audition issues don’t fall into tidy categories. I’ve helped actors for more than 20 years. I’m ready to help you with your audition, no matter the challenge.

last minute audition

Called in for an audition with little time to prepare? Have a call-back and know your competition is tough? We can get you prepared, even if you have less than 24 hours notice.

procrastinator's remedy

Have time to prepare but not sure where to start? Already working on a show and finding it difficult to think about the next role or audition? Tackling new material can be daunting. I can get you on track, motivated, and prepared.


Studio appointments are 55 minutes long. Location is announced two days prior to appointment. Studio Rate is included.


FaceTime/Skype appointments are 65 minutes long. No additional studio rates apply. 


Studio Policies:

  • Payment is due at beginning of session. If you'd like to pay in advance, click here.

  • For new clients, there is a 50% deposit due at time of booking.

  • There is no charge for cancellations within 48 hours of appointment. 

  • Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged 50% of fee, plus studio rate, if already booked


Opportunities include: 


  • Specific Audition -- Preparation for audition that not only makes the actor feel prepared, comfortable, and confident for the audition itself, but gives the actor a comprehensive understanding the role that he or she is auditioning with or auditioning for. The goal is to make the working actor stronger at auditions and readings that will bring her or him additional work or exposure.


  • General audition – Preparation that will demonstrate an actors range and capabilities -- make the actor stand out to casting agents and directors using more specific audition and preparation tactics and that will prepare the actor for questions, adjustments, and requests for additional material. The goal is for the actor to be not only prepared for any audition that may arise, but specific and nuanced to grab attention and land the role.


  • For professionals – Using similar techniques that Broadway actors apply to role preparation, this work would benefit attorneys prepping for meetings and trials, business professionals preparing for pitches and presentations, and doctors who wish to present at conferences.  

  • Young actors -- Preparation designed for younger actors or those who are at the beginning of their training using understandable language and techniques. The goal is to not only train the actor for the audition but for future work opportunities. High School Preparation for BA/BFA and conservatory Auditions.


  • Role Preparation for more experienced actors – Comprehensive script analysis and acting coaching to help actors who have been cast in a play accomplish the direction that either they have developed or that has been developed throughout a rehearsal process. 


  • Cabaret and One-Person Show Development and Direction – For those who wish to develop and produce a one-person cabaret or play based on their own writings or personal experiences


  • Chicago actors – Should feel they are getting the chance do general audition prep with a well-established NY Acting coach whose clients work on Broadway and national tours

"Throughout my tri-coastal 20-year career—which has included Broadway, several lead roles at Steppenwolf Theatre Company, feature films, and recurring and guest star roles on major television series—I haven’t coached with anyone better than Diana Basmajian. She not only helps me book the auditions I am working with her on, but she has also made me a better actress in the process. She encourages strong, interesting choices that are supported by the text...And most importantly, she helps me find myself in the character so that the portrayal is as authentic as it can be. She is my absolute go-to acting coach."

RAE GRAY, Roundabout's The Real Thing, Boardwalk Empire